Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review: Mess Free Play!

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Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

We were recently kindly sent a package of Little Brian Paint Sticks to review. Mini, like lots of 6 year olds, loves drawing and painting pictures. She often comes home from school with anything up to 6 pictures she has done for us that day. She couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try out the paint sticks.

Little Brian Paint Sticks look like glue sticks, you twist them to reveal the colour. They claim to be a fun, easy and most importantly MESS FREE way for little ones to paint. This was certainly a claim I was looking forward to putting to the test.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Mini got to work straight away. She had recently been enjoying planting indoor flowers, sparked by how much she enjoyed making a Unicorn Garden. She decided that she wanted to make a poster to put in her bedroom about her latest flower garden creation.

Mini was easily able to use the paint sticks herself, twisting them up when needed. The colours easily glided onto the paper and dried really quickly. As Mini is left handed, she can sometimes get into a mess when doing pictures as she smudges her work with her hand. I can honestly say I was extremely impressed by how quickly these paint sticks dried. They really were mess free and there was no smudging at all.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Mini was really proud of her finished poster, I think she did a great job too. She made sure that she used all of the different colours she had. She said she found the paint sticks easy to use and they kept her occupied (and quiet) for quite some time!

The paint sticks are really versatile too, they come with an ideas sheet inside the box with more techniques to try. These include, blending the colours, adding water to create  watercolour effects and using them on stampers. They can also be used to create a really clever scraperboard effect. This is achieved by painting colours onto paper and when dried you apply the black paint stick over the top. You can then use a scraper tool to reveal the colours underneath. Mini hasn’t tried out these extra techniques yet but is looking forward to doing so soon.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks come in lots of different sizes and shapes. We reviewed a pack of 12 normal sized sticks, as well as a pack of 24 mini sized sticks. The mini sticks came with 12 classic colours, 6 fluorescent colours and 6 metallic colours. Mini particularly loved using the fluorescent colours and the metallic colours.

Our thoughts on Little Brian Paint Sticks

Both Mini and I were really impressed with the paint sticks. They were easy to use and truly were mess free. I’d be happy with her playing with them without being supervised knowing she isn’t going to get into lots of mess. When she had finished her picture, they were packed away in seconds and no need for any washing up.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

We’ve used other metallic paints before that haven’t been very good quality, these had a great shine to them. I must say that all of the colours of the paint sticks were strong, bright and clear.

We would use the paint sticks to take away with us on a trip or to a restaurant as something for Mini to do. There are plenty in the pack too so that they can be shared with other children easily.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

I think that the paint sticks are great value for money and reasonably priced, starting at around £6 for the smaller packs. They would make great gift ideas for birthdays or stocking fillers for Christmas presents too.

The paint sticks are widely available in most toy stores and online retailers such as Amazon as below.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Brian Paint Sticks for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions are our own.

children playing with green slime

Crafterie: Craft a-long Halloween class & Craft at Home Kits

Halloween Craft a-long class

Mini is at a stage where she loves making and crafting things at home. When I saw an advert for a new Craft a long class with the Crafterie I knew she would love to go along.

Crafterie is run by two local mums, Lyndsey and Eleanor. Over the last few years we have been to quite a few of their events and classes, they even hosted Mini’s second birthday for us. All of the sessions we have done with them have been well thought through, with lots of care and attention and personal touches.

The Craft a-long sessions are part of their new venture to offer monthly sessions on a Saturday morning, each with a different theme, we went along to the October Halloween session. As a full time working mum I often struggle to find classes and sessions that are available on the weekend and ones that both myself and Mr Mack can join in with. I also like the idea that the sessions are pay as you go without any regular commitment.

Each session costs £10 for two hours which includes all materials to make the craft item and unlimited supplies of tea and toast. I was happy with the cost and felt it represented good value for money.

At the session there were two main crafts available; children could paint and decorate a plant pot with a Halloween theme and also make their own Halloween placard. I like the fact that there are ideas and prompts available however children are given free reign over how they choose to make and decorate their items. Lyndsey and Eleanor are on hand to lend a helping hand and offer any inspiration needed.

There were also two large rolls of paper on the floor with Halloween themed drawings on that children could add too or colour in. In addition to a pool of green slime to play in and a pool of “witches hair.” These were really good fun to explore textures and messy play.

children playing with green slime

The Slime was lots of fun to play with

The sessions attracted children from a wide age range and all were able to find suitable ways to join in and have fun. The session has a lovely relaxed feel and children are free to move around the activities freely.

girl pointing at witches hair made from coloured spaghetti

slimy witches hair was fun to play with

We had a great time spending some fun family time together and had fun with Mini’s friend who we met at the session too. We are already looking forward to next month’s class.

You can find details of classes on the Crafterie’s face book page –

Craft at Home Kits

halloween craft kits

Lyndsey & Eleanor also make their own craft at home kits that can be bought at  craft sessions. They come in lots of different topics and themes and suitable for a wide range of ages.

The kits cost £1.50 each and are great for children to do at home after the sessions and I think they would also make great presents or stocking fillers.

We had the unicorn, witch and pumpkin/skeleton kits to review. I liked the fact that each kit has a title as to what can be made from the items in the kit but then it’s up to the children as to how they use the materials in the kit to make that item. I’m not the most creative of people with coming up with ideas of things to do therefore, these kits were great for us as they gave us a title of an item to make along with suitable materials but then left it up to us as to how we made it and what it ended up as.

There was a good variety of materials in each kit to choose from, all we had to add was some glue to stick everything together.

I told Mini the title of the craft kits then left it up to her as to what and how she wanted to make them. We made them during half term a few days before Halloween, Mini wanted to make things that she could decorate the house with for a spooky feel. She firstly said she was going to save the Unicorn kit for another day as it wasn’t a Halloween kit, but she had so much fun with the other two kits she wanted to make that one too.

We really enjoyed doing the kits together and would definitely be happy to recommend them to friends.

Disclaimer: I paid for our attendance at the craft a long session. The craft kits were gifted for the purpose of the review. All views and opinions are my own.

#Bostikbloggers August Creations

This is our second month being involved in the #bostikbloggers challenge and as soon as Mini saw the postman deliver a small brown package she knew it was full of craft things and was itching to open it. You can read about our July craft fun with a nature theme here.

This month’s theme is “back to school” which is extra special for us as Mini starts school full time in September. She has already been to the Nursery attached to the school for the past year and is excited about going into Reception class.

I told her the theme and she took a few moments to look through the box of lovely items we were sent before deciding what she would like to make. She has developed a special friendship with a little boy at school, Zayn and decided that she wanted to make models of herself and Zayn to give to him. Apparently she is going to marry him when she grows up, although I’m sure Mr Mack has different ideas on that front, he told her she can’t have a boyfriend until she’s 30.

Mini told me that she had missed Zayn during the holiday and wanted to make him the models of the two of them so he can think about her when they aren’t together.

For this activity we used:

  • PVA Glue and Spatula
  • A girl and boy cut out template
  • Different scraps of materials or patterned paper
  • Buttons/sequins/stickers to decorate
  • Felt pens
  • Plain gift bag

Step 1 – Firstly Mini decided she wanted to decorate a gift bag for her two people to sit in to give to Zayn. She decided to decorate the bag with stickers from the craft box and draw on it too with extra details.

Step 2 – She then chose different materials and patterned paper to be the clothes for the girl and boy models. She had some help to draw around the template onto the material and then I cut out the shapes for her ready to use.

Step 3 – She used PVA glue to stick the clothes onto her models

Step 4 – She then decorated the models further by sticking on buttons and used felt pens to draw on their faces and other features.

Photo 12-08-2017, 11 52 10

Mini was really proud of her finished model people and is excited about giving them to Zayn in September. Doing the craft also gave us a good opportunity to talk about how she is feeling about going into Reception and talk about the things that she is looking forward to doing at school with her friends.


Disclaimer: We were provided with a box of craft items to participate in this challenge



Bostik Bloggers July Creations

We are excited to have the opportunity to be involved in the #bostikblogger challenge. Mini loves making and doing crafts so this sounded like a great fit for us.

For the Bostik Blogger challenge we were sent a surprise box of craft materials from Bostik and Merrily Arts and Crafts and asked to make something with a nature theme. Mini was excited to open the box and explore what was inside, she especially loved the soft pipe cleaners.

After some thought she decided that she wanted to make and decorate a tree with a birds nest. We used the following items:

  • piece of green paper
  • piece of brown paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • Bostik foam pads
  • PVA glue
  • animal stickers
  • leaf stickers
  • small birds nest
  • multi coloured beads
  • cellotape

This is how we made our tree for this month’s bostik bloggers challenge, we hope you enjoy following our instructions and we would love to see your versions.

Step 1 – Roll up the brown piece of paper into a tube and secure with cellotape, tape it onto the green piece of paper.

Step 2 – Cut the pipe cleaners in half and using Bostik foam pads secure them to the tree to make branches.

Step 3 – Using the foam pads attach leaf shapes to the branches. We had some pre cut leaf shapes but these could easily be cut out from paper if you don’t have any.

Step 4  – Apply some glue to the green paper around the base of the tree and stick green shredded paper to give a grass effect. Our paper was pre-shredded but this can easily be achieved by using a paper shredder.

Step 5 – Decorate the tree with animal stickers, we had some butterflies, spiders and dragonflies but you could use any animal or flower stickers.

Step 6 – Balance a small basket in the top of the tree to make a nest and fill with coloured beads for eggs. We had a small basket included in our craft box, however if you didn’t have one you could use some brown shredded paper to give a similar effect.

bostik bloggers

Mini was very proud of her finished creation and it was fun to spend time planning and doing an activity together. We can’t wait to see what things we can create for next month’s challenge.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the box of craft materials to participate in this bostik bloggers craft challenge. All views are entirely my own.