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Team Mack is Expanding: Pregnancy Diaries The Third Trimester

The Third Trimester Update

Thank you for stopping by to read my latest pregnancy update. I’m so relieved and excited to have reached the Third Trimester. Again time has flown so quickly since my last update. I’m pleased that I seem to have a bit more energy in the Third Trimester, which is handy as we’ve continued to be so busy again.

Week 29

We decided to make the most of the last week of the school holidays with a family day out this week. We visited Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire, and enjoyed a delicious Higgidy Picnic. I am determined to keep as active as possible during pregnancy however, may have overdone it a little.

We explored the fairy trail around the grounds of the estate. Even though I took the walk at a gentle pace, I didn’t realise we’d walked over 6km that day. As the evening went on my hips became more and more painful and I was struggling to walk. Thankfully a hot bath and a good nights sleep helped and I was fine the next day.

third trimester

Week 30

We headed to London this weekend to celebrate my Niece’s 5th Birthday. I popped to the shops in Kingston Upon Thames and stumbled upon Newbie. They had the most adorable baby clothes. They were so soft and I just couldn’t resist getting baby some items. It felt really special to hang them in his wardrobe now that his nursery is all finished.

Mr Mack and I have had a few differences of opinion over a pushchair for the new baby. We had kept Mini’s and it is in good condition. However, I just really fancied buying a new one. Being practical about it, it wasn’t an expense that we needed to make but managed to come to a good compromise. The carrycot Mini had was pink although the main pushchair was black. I bought a new grey carrycot and a new cosy grey footmuff. I spent around £100 and it really does look like brand new again, especially after a good clean.

Week 31

Mr Mack was away in the week with work on a training course. I found it tiring not having him around to help out with Mini. He’s normally the one out of bed early in the morning so there were a few mornings we were nearly late for the school run!

I had a midwife check up this week too. Again I didn’t really feel that I benefitted much from the appointment. They feel very much tick boxes to me and I haven’t really built up rapport with any of the midwives that I’ve seen yet.

I also had a tour of the hospital and maternity unit this week. We will be having this baby at a different hospital to where we had Mini. So I found it really useful to get used to the unit as it is a very different set up to the previous hospital. I liked that the midwife let unit and delivery suite are in the same unit. It gave me comfort knowing that everything was so close and even if we needed to have baby on the delivery suite, we can still borrow some birthing equipment form the midwife unit. The tour made the pregnancy feel very real for me and I started to get really excited about meeting baby.

Week 32

We had a weekend away in the Forest of Dean using my parents motorhome. It was a lovely relaxed weekend away. We enjoyed swimming and visiting some of the local attractions.


This week we also saw our new Consultant. He seemed to be much more forward thinking and agreed for us to plan to have baby on the midwife led unit. Having had a previous caesarean the previous Consultant told us this wasn’t an option. I was so pleased that we’ve been given this option and he also supported me having a water birth. He’s written this plan up in my notes so I just need baby to play along and come on time now!

The Consultant was also happy for us to book onto the active birth class and have a more detailed visit to the midwife unit.

Week 33

This week was all about birth preparation, a typical feature of the third trimester. I bought some perineum massage oil as I’d read that massage from 35 weeks can reduce the chances of needing an episiotomy. No idea if it will work but worth a try.

I also bought items for my hospital bag such as maternity pads, big knickers and some new born clothes for baby. I was also impressed to find some washable breast pads in Boots. I’d not seen these previously and liked the environmentally friendly aspect.

We also decided to enrol on a hypnobirthing course. It’s something I’d been considering for a while and came across a digital pack from The Positive Birth Company. It was only £35 and seemed to have lots of great reviews so thought it was worth a go. You get access to around 60 short videos that you can work through at your own pace. There are also MP3s to download, as well as full course notes and a template birth plan. We watched the introductory videos together this week and are looking forward to working through the full course.

I was also surprised with a wonderful baby shower this week. Mr Mack and my two best friends had done an amazing job of organising an afternoon tea. There was so much delicious cake to eat and it was such a lovely relaxed afternoon to spend with all my special girl friends.

third trimester

Week 34

A very important week in the Mack household as Mini turns 6. She had a lovely party with her friends and we went out for dessert after school. She knows that now her birthday has passed it’s not long until baby will arrive.

third trimester

We’ve been continuing with the hypnobirthing course. I’ve really enjoyed listening to positive affirmations before bed. I’ve also been reading lots of positive birth stories. The course highlights that a lot of our perceptions of birth are based on TV shows and negative portrayals of birth. The course aims to help you feel positive and calm about the experience and not to expect it be horrid and painful.

I had an episode of flashing lights in my eyes this week at work. Luckily I’m surrounded by Paramedics who kindly checked me out. They agreed my blood pressure was high but were happy to monitor me and to be checked over by my midwife the next day. When I saw her I told her what had happened and that I was worried as I’d had pre-eclampsia with Mini and high blood pressure and flashing lights are two key symptoms. I was so shocked when after this, she told me that she didn’t have time to check my urine sample to check for protein as she was already behind with appointments. I felt so let down and should have been more firm with her but just couldn’t believe she was refusing to do the test.

Week 35

This week I decided it was time to pack my hospital bags. I asked Mini to help me and she enjoyed picking baby’s first outfits. I’ve used the helpful hospital checklist that came as part of the hypnobirthing course. It helped me to have a list to work from and tick off, then added some of my own items too.

We attended an antenatal course that was being run at our local children’s centre. As we had a previous caesarean, we were hoping to brush up our knowledge about natural birth. We both found the course very basic and agreed it wasn’t very useful so decided not to go to the rest of the sessions.

The one useful thing we learnt from the course was baby boxes. These are free to all parents-to-be from The Baby Box Co. You have to sign up and watch a short video and can then collect a box from your local pick up centre. The idea is to provide a safe sleeping environment for baby and can be used downstairs for example if you wanted to leave the Moses basket upstairs. The box came with mattress, mattress cover and a full pack of nappies and wet wipes.

Week 36

This week we escaped overnight for a little babymoon break to the Cotswolds. It was lovely to have some special time together before our family life is about to get a lot more chaotic. I had the most relaxing pregnancy massage and loved chilling out in the relaxation area with my book.

third trimeter

It was also baby loss awareness week, which also coincided with the first anniversary of our miscarriage. I’d underestimated how much this week would effect me and the emotions that it brought back from our experience last year. I felt very fortunate and appreciative that we have a baby on the way. I also spent lots of time this week thinking of those that may not be as lucky.

I’d been worried about reduced movements this week. Maybe it was the worry of thinking about the miscarriage that had really panicked me a little. Thankfully after a short trip to triage, baby was monitored and he soon starting kicking away. Since then I’d had plenty of Braxton Hicks so baby is definitely making his presence known.

Thanks for reading my third trimester update. I really can’t believe that I’m nearly at the end of my pregnancy and that my next update will cover the final few weeks.

pregnancy diary

Team Mack is Expanding: Pregnancy Diary -Weeks 20-28

It seems like such a long time since my last pregnancy diary entry. On one hand I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. However, it also feels like my pregnancy is flying by. I’ve been keeping a handwritten pregnancy diary to help me remember what I’ve done each week. It’s been lovely to read back on my notes and reflect back on my journey so far, as I write up this next instalment.

Week 20

This week started off with a delicious treat of Afternoon Tea. We went to The Fish, part of the Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds. My friends had bought me a voucher for my birthday so was finally getting round to using it. The last time Mr Mack and I visited Farncombe, we stayed at Dormy House and were hiding away after the heartbreak of our miscarriage. Very pleased to stay our visit this time was a much happier affair.

pregnancy diary

We had our 20 week scan at the hospital and were pleased that baby was growing beautifully. It was also confirmed that we were expecting a boy, which confirmed our previous gender scan. Baby wasn’t being particularly co-operative with the scan. This meant it took quite a while of prodding and poking to get all the measurements needed, but glad all was ok in the end.

pregnancy diary

Week 21

This week I bought baby his first outfit, after I couldn’t resist in the Gap sale. We had kept all of Mini’s clothes however needed to start shopping for some outfits for baby boy. It felt surreal buying the two little cardigans knowing they were for our baby at last and not for a gift.

This week the heatwave seemed to hit England. Normally a sun worshipper I’d have welcomed the warmth with open arms. However, I soon found out being pregnant in the heat was not so fun. In an attempt to combat feeling like a hot sticky mess, Mr Mack treated me to some lovely pregnancy goodies. He got me some lovely soothing Burt’s Bees foot and leg cream and a peppermint cooling spray from Boots. I also picked myself up the ‘Cool It Mama’ Spray from The Natural Birthing Company. I really liked the smell of this one and worked a treat on my face and legs. It was good to keep the spray in my bag for work and worked a treat.

pregnancy diary

Week 22

This week was very exciting for me as I felt baby’s first little kicks. After feeling very worried that I hadn’t felt any until now, it was such a huge relief to feel him. Mr Mack also managed to feel too, which was a really special moment for us both.

The hot weather continued and I tried my best to remember to keep drinking lots of water to keep hydrated.

We visited The Confetti Fields at Wick, Worcestershire this week too. I’d been wanting to visit for a while however, the fields are only open for 10 days each year. The day of our visit was a beautiful day and I’m really pleased that we got some really lovely photos. That reminds me, I must get around to getting some printed out. The fields are totally exposed with no shade. As the day got hotter, it became too much for me so we headed to a nearby pub for lunch and a much needed cool down.

Confetti Fields

Week 23

We headed to Kingston Upon Thames for the weekend to stay with my Brother. He has two little girls, so always lots of mischief when Mini gets to play with her cousins. We had a great day out exploring Hampton Court Gardens. Luckily we managed not to get lost in the maze, and made it out in time for a delicious family BBQ.

I started to develop a pain down the middle of my right bottom cheek. It wasn’t too bad at this point, more of an annoyance and I put it down to baby perhaps lying across my sciatic nerve. Other than the bum pain, I was starting to feel like I had a bit more energy back and was feeling less sleepy which was good. Mini also finished school this week and I broke up from work for two weeks for a much needed break and some family time.

pregnancy diary Mini’s first and last days in Reception Class

Week 24

Team Mack Abroad! We went on holiday to Fuerteventura for the week. It had been a few years since we had gone abroad for a family holiday. Needless too say I was very excited to get away. Our hotel was really lovely, with great food, a huge pool and lots to do. We visited a deserted beach, that we reached via a special all terrain bus. We also went on a catamaran trip in search of dolphins. Sadly we didn’t find any and to make things worse my only pair of maternity shorts flew over board and were lost at sea.

Baby seemed to enjoy the sun too and I got plenty of kicks when lying down sunbathing. Mini had a great time, her highlights were the  kids club and the mini disco. She was so exhausted each day from our adventures that we had fantastic lie-ins every morning, which was an added bonus! I also loved taking advantage of the air con in the bedroom to cool down after a day in the sun.

pregnancy diary

This week also marked baby reaching viability. Obviously there is still a long way to go, however getting to this stage felt like such a huge relief. I think I finally started to worry less and relax more about being pregnant.


Week 25

I had this week off work to spend time with Emelia. I don’t normally take time off in the school holiday so it was lovely to go out for day trips and meet up with friends. We visited Dippy the Dinosaur at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Afterwards we went with Mr Mack for family dinner at Jamie’s Italian. We were also kindly invited to review Madagascar the Musical at The Alexandra Theatre. It was a fantastic show and we were all dancing along in our seats.

I had a Midwife appointment this week too and was pleased to finally meet my named Midwife. She gave me some information about the whooping cough vaccine which I was able to have the next day. This wasn’t available during my pregnancy with Mini. There were a few moments of panic when the Midwife struggled to find baby’s heartbeat. After a gentle walk and a jiggle to move his position, I was pleased that she managed to find it. I also got my MATB1 form at the appointment to pass onto work.

At the end of the week I treated myself to a pregnancy massage. I went to the At One Day Spa in Birmingham. The therapist was amazing and I felt so relaxed afterwards.

Madagascar The Musical

Week 26

Back to work for a rest this week! Although, I was still struggling with the heat and my office doesn’t have air conditioning. I had a glucose tolerance test this week too. This is to check if I have or am likely to get gestational diabetes. As I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this puts me at an increased risk. Luckily the results came back all clear.

We decorated baby’s bedroom this weekend too. We chose a grey and mint green colour scheme. There may have been a minor hiccup involving wonky wallpaper but pleased that it’s all sorted now. It was exciting to start putting his clothes away that we’d bought and make the space personal to him.

Week 27

Another busy week! We had a lovely family day out to Hatton Adventure World, Mini loved feeding the goats. We were also kindly invited to review Planet Ice in Solihull. I decided it was best to stay off the ice for this trip. Mini was very wobbly to start with but started to get more confident with the help of the instructors.

Planet Ice Solihull

I also had a great girly night out for some delicious food at Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham. After stuffing our faces we then went to see Matilda at the theatre. The show was just spectacular from start to finish.

We had a 4D scan this week too at Peek a Baby. We’d visited for our earlier scans and they kindly invited us back for a 4D scan. Mini, Nanny and Grandad also came along to meet baby boy. He was clearly not in the mood for having his photo taken and kept hiding his face in the placenta. I had a fair bit of poking and prodding to get him into a good position. We finally managed to see him and it was amazing to see him yawn! Nanny and Grandad think his nose looks like Mini already.

pregnancy diary

Week 28

I had a physio session at work this week to try and help alleviate the pain in my bum. She thought it wasn’t nerve pain but more my joints stretching. I got some good advice about how to sit and stand to avoid triggering the pain. She also advised me not to sit on my squishy sofa so no more cuddling up. Probably a good thing though as I often got stuck and needed help to get up!

I had an Anti-D injection this week too. This is because I’m a negative blood type. If baby has a positive blood type, my body may decide to attack it. The injection helps to stop this happening.

We went to a VBAC clinic at the hospital (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). This was to talk to the Midwife about the choices we have for birth this time. Previously, we had seen a Consultant who had advised that if we tried for a natural birth it would involve continual monitoring and I’d have restricted mobility. This Midwife encouraged us to change to a different Consultant who may be willing to give us a wider range of options. My ideal is to birth on the midwife led unit, using the pool. The previous Consultant had advised this wouldn’t be an option. We left the hospital feeling really positive and looking forward to meeting the new Consultant in a few weeks time…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this instalment of my pregnancy diary and I’d love to hear from you about your journeys too.

Maternity Workwear Fashion with Boohoo

Maternity Workwear – Boohoo

I have a distinct disliking for most maternity wear. I find it can be boring, expensive and full of stripes! Then we move onto maternity workwear, which can be even trickier to find things I’m comfortable wearing. I work full time in an office based role, whilst I don’t need to wear anything as formal as a suit, I still need to be smart and professional looking.

Boohoo recently got in touch with me to ask if I would like to review some items from their maternity range. I decided it would be a good idea to try to find some pieces suitable for the office.

I’ve had a few dresses from Boohoo in the past and have found them great value for money, so was interested to see what they could offer me for maternity workwear. After browsing their selection, I decided upon a black and white spotty dress, as well as a floral kimono style dress. Whilst I was looking specifically for maternity workwear, I also wanted to find items that could be used out of work too.

My dresses arrived really quickly and I was excited to try them on. The spotty dress comes in a soft stretchy fabric that fits over your head. I like that the tie bow feature adds a bit of shape to my bump. The dress is definitely smart enough for work and I’ve had lovely comments when I’ve worn it to the office. For maternity workwear the dress does come up a bit short for me, so I wear it with thick black tights or leggings and boots.

maternity workwear

I found the floral kimono dress, again a lovely soft stretchy fabric. The dress is a lot more tight fitting than I would normally wear to work however, that’s just my personal style. I love the colours on the top half of the dress. Also the dress could be worn after baby for breastfeeding due to the wrap over top feature. I definitely think that I will be able to get use out of this dress for going out too as well as for maternity workwear.

maternity workwear

I did find that both of the Boohoo items came up a bit on the small side and I did swap them for the next size up, which fit much more comfortably. I’ve definitely been impressed with the price of the boohoo items and will be browsing their range for more maternity workwear and non workwear options too for my pregnancy.

Maternity Workwear – Other Tips

Whilst I love to shop, I’m also quite savvy with my money. Since becoming pregnant I’ve enjoyed buying maternity wear however, I’ve been on the lookout for non maternity items that can last a bit longer too. 

I’ve bought quite a few vest tops in a few sizes up, from places like Primark. I’ve been able to put them under other tops to cover my bump and have been perfect for the summer without breaking the bank.

I had kept some maternity wear from my pregnancy with Mini and have been able to add some new items too to make it feel like I’ve got more options to wear. When shopping I’ve looked out for particular shaped clothing items that may work well with a bump. I love this wrapover all in one top that I bought from Next. It’s not a specific maternity top but the shape works really well with my bump. I love the pink colour and it works really well with my maternity skirt for work.

maternity workwear

When I first found out that I was pregnant this time, I invested in some staple maternity workwear items from Asda. I bought a black skirt, trousers, leggings and work dress. All of the items were very good value for money and have lasted really well. I was then able to add other colours to mix and match my outfits. I found that coloured cardigans worked really well. I’d normally have then open anyway so didn’t need to worry about them fitting over my bump.

I have also tried to think ahead when shopping for maternity workwear to items that I may be able to use when breastfeeding too. This purple shirt was from Primark, not from a maternity range, I again just bought a few sizes up. It’s quite versatile as I’ve been able to wear it to work, or more casually with leggings, the buttons mean it will be a great option for feeding baby too.

maternity workwear

I hope that my tips have been useful for you for some ideas on how to dress bump and not break the bank. I’d love to hear from you with any top tips for maternity workwear too.

Blogger Tips 

I also asked some of my lovely blogger friends to share some of their tips for maternity workwear, here’s what they said.

Eileen from – New Look and Asos are great, for the first trimester when you can still get away with your own clothes, use a bobbin when you can’t close your trousers button.

Nicole from – I’m a big fan of the form fitting maternity dress. They’re super comfy and easily transition between work and weekends.

Becky from – I bought some really lovely maternity clothing from H&M. I usually find their sizing a little small but the maternity wear felt quite generous.

Sarah from – ASOS was a godsend for me, start and mid pregnancy I wore bump bands under my tops to elongate them over my bump. I then bought maternity vests an tops which I wore under a blazer with trousers.

Katy from– I worked in quite a smart office during my first pregnancy so bought a few wrap dresses from Seraphine – the Duchess of Cambridge’s fave. They were pretty pricey for maternity wear, but looked great and lasted so well that I wore them through pregnancy number 2 as well.

Abi from – I got some Isabella Oliver wrap ops which were brilliant as they lasted the whole pregnancy, plus were great for breastfeeding afterwards. They are expensive but such good quality, I wore them through two pregnancies, two breastfeeding babies and they are sill in great shape.

Sophie from – New Look have a lovely range of maternity wear that is well fitting and perfect for work wear. I invested in a few staple pieces then would mix and match them for variety.

Maria from – I have been wearing non maternity swing dresses and have only just at 21 weeks invested in some proper maternity clothes. I got a few bits from Boohoo and they were really cheap and great quality/design – I didn’t want to spend a fortune on things I won’t wear for a long time.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the two dresses from Boohoo for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are entirely my own.

pregnancy diaries

Team Mack is Expanding: Pregnancy Diaries -Weeks 12-19

It feels like these last 8 weeks have flown by really quickly in my pregnancy since my last update. We have also been quite busy as a family on lots of adventures. I’ve really enjoyed keeping my pregnancy diary and hope it’s something that I can share and look back on with Baby No 2 in the future. I’ve been really lucky that so far *touches all the wood* in my pregnancy I’ve felt well and haven’t had too many nasty symptoms. I was fortunate with my pregnancy with Mini too and hoping this one continues in this way too.

Week 12 

I had my official NHS scan this week. Although I had already seen baby at two early pregnancy scans it was still a relief to find out that all was well. Mr Mack was away cycling in Majorca and sadly the hospital refused to move the date of the scan so that he could attend. I asked my mom to come with me instead, which I think she enjoyed and was happy to get a sneak preview of her 10th Grandchild.

After the scan I also had a health check up with the maternity support worker and I got given a Bounty folder to keep all of my hospital notes in. They also gave me some multivitamins and tips about keeping healthy during pregnancy.

pregnancy diaries

After the scan and everything was confirmed to be ok, we felt more comfortable telling the rest of our friends and family about the news. I had a work night out planned for a Hen Do for one of my team so it was a good opportunity to tell all my colleagues together. It was also a relief to start wearing my maternity trousers at work as my normal ones were definitely getting tight by this stage.

Week 13

I was feeling really well this week and had lots more energy. We went on a weekend away with our closest friends to North Yorkshire. We were so lucky to have fantastic sunny weather and to paddle in the sea. Whilst we were there we also managed to see the Tour de Yorkshire. It was a lovely weekend away to relax and enjoy being with family and special friends.

pregnancy diaries

We also made our pregnancy official by announcing on social media. It was something that I was initially reluctant to do given our previous miscarriage. I was still having moments of worry and anxiety that I’d jinx things. However I am glad that we did choose to share our news. The support and congratulations we received from friends was so heart warming to know we had so many lovely people looking out for us.

Week 14 -Lemon

This week I decided to go through all of my maternity clothes that I’d kept from my previous pregnancy. Some things I didn’t feel were me anymore and I treated myself to some new things too. I find maternity wear so frustrating to buy and surely can’t be alone in this. The choice seems to be so limited, unless you want to live in stripes! There are also hardly any shops that stock maternity wear in store. This means you have to mess about ordering things online and sending them back. The sizes are very inconsistent too so you end up ordering a few size options to test out.

We also decided to start doing a weekly picture to capture the progress of my bump. This is something I’d forgotten to do with Mini so was pleased we remembered this time. I’m hoping it will also help me when I am worrying about baby to be able to look back and know that I am growing and progressing. Week 14 is approximately the size of a lemon.

pregnancy diaries

Week 15 – Apple

This was a busy week! I went to my first pregnancy yoga class, where I had previously done classes before falling pregnant. I was the only one in the class that day so had a private lesson. That was great up until the bit we started to focus on squeezing and contracting the sphincter muscles, #awkward! I do hope to keep up the classes and know that it has lots of physical health benefits during pregnancy as well as helping mental health and relaxation techniques.

Mr Mack and I visited The Baby Show at the NEC. There will be 6 years between our children so wanted to see if there were any new products on the market. We did pick up some bits and had a good explore. I got lots of ideas about having a crib that goes at the side of our bed so that you can easily scoop baby in and out for feeds. We are still researching brands but I do like the idea of baby being close to us.

Mr Mack and I also went to Manchester this week to see Ed Sheeran in concert. I’d bought the tickets almost a year ago when we were just starting our fertility medication. I had no idea that by the time the concert would come around we’d be singing along with a baby bump in my tummy. It was good to have a night away and we enjoyed eating out at some new restaurants too.

pregnancy diaries

Week 16 -Avocado

We enjoyed a family trip to  Dudmaston using our National Trust membership. As we’d had a few days away from Mini it was lovely to spend some family time together. We were also really lucky with the weather, it was a sunny day and a great excuse to try out the ice cream on offer.

pregnancy diaries

I was hoping that this week I would start to feel some movements and flutters from baby. I remember first feeling tiny movements from Mini at 16 weeks. Nothing yet but was hoping for something soon.

I had an appointment with my midwife this week too. However,  I really didn’t find it to be useful and felt it was a bit of a waste of time. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the midwife I saw and she didn’t often me any assurance when I had queries. She wouldn’t listen to baby’s heartbeat as she said it was too early. However I am sure I heard it at this stage with Mini. I have later learnt that the policy have changed in my area not to listen until later. The midwife didn’t explain this at the time and it just left me feeling worried and anxious that something may be wrong.

Week 17 -Turnip

Another sunny week, we went to explore Droitwich Lido which had a full outdoors swimming pool. It was lovely to dip my legs in the water however the temperature was rather bracing to be in there for too long.

pregnancy diaries

I was lucky enough to be invited to an awards ceremony in London with our recruitment team from work. It was a fantastic evening and thrilled to say that we scooped the top prize. I bought a lovely white lace maternity dress in the sale from Chi Chi and hoping I can wear it again for an upcoming wedding later in the year.

pregnancy diaries

Our other exciting news for this week was that we went to have a private gender scan, you can read all about our experience here. Before we went Mini kept changing her mind as to if she wanted a baby brother or sister. My prediction was for a baby girl as I felt that my symptoms this time around were very similar to when I was carrying Mini.

I created a gender reveal video for our friends and family, you can watch below to find out what we are having.

Week 18 – Pepper

This was a busy week for me at work. I hosted a mock employment tribunal event at work that I had organised for 60 HR professionals from across the West Midlands. I was really pleased that the event went well but was exhausted by the end of the day.

This week I also had another appointment with my midwife to get blood test results. Again I didn’t find it useful and just didn’t feel that I am building a rapport with her. She failed to recognise from my blood test results that I needed an Anti-D injection. I am a negative blood type and my body may think the baby is an infection and may attack it. Therefore I need an injection to tell my body not to do that. She also didn’t recognise that I needed a glucose tolerance test. This is because women with polycystic ovarian syndrome are at an increased risk of gestational diabetes. I only knew about these two things as I had needed them both with Mini. After I raised it she agreed she had missed them. Anyone got any advice on changing midwife or politely asking to be seen by someone else?

This week we also went Strawberry picking at Clive’s Fruit Farm in Worcestershire. They were delicious and I had to stop Mini from eating them all instead of putting them in her basket!

pregnancy diaries

Week 19 – Mango 

I have been feeling very hungry this week. There haven’t been any cravings in particular, just lots of food in general! The weather has continued to be warm this week and my feet have started to swell, I’ve had to stop wearing high heels to work for a bit.

Still not feeling any movements yet which to be honest is worrying me. Hopefully by the time of my next update there will be lots of wriggles and kicks to tell you about.

gender reveal

Team Pink or Team Blue? Baby Number 2 Gender Reveal

Since finding out that we were pregnant, one of the most asked questions is are we going to find out the gender of the baby? Obviously it is a very personal decision and I have absolutely no judgement on which side of the fence you fall. For me, I was able to answer straight away, I definitely wanted to find out the gender. Luckily this was a view Mr Mack shared with me too.

First and foremost, I’m inpatient and nosey so of course I’d want to know the baby’s gender. Secondly, on a practical level, we’ve saved all of Mini’s clothes, toys etc. for over 5 years. So  we wanted to know if we could reuse these or needed to invest in some new things. I also think that knowing the gender will help Mini prepare for becoming a big sister. We can talk about her baby sister or brother and she can be involved in helping us pick the name and decorate the nursery.

When I found out that children weren’t allowed at NHS scans, we discussed and decided to book a private scan to find out the gender. This way Mini could come with us and see her new sibling for herself on the screen. It also meant that we could all find out the gender together. We’d had two previous early scans at Peek a Baby and had found them be really professional, understanding and compassionate. They were therefore the obvious choice for our gender reveal scan.

gender reveal

Since finding out she was going to be a big sister, Mini had been telling everyone she wanted the baby to be a boy. The reason being that she wanted the house to be evenly balanced with girls and boys. However, on the day of the scan she changed her mind and decided she wanted a baby girl. Both Mr Mack and I had predicted that the baby was going to be a girl. I’d felt very similar to how I’d done with Mini. My symptoms were very similar and I think my bump felt a similar shape.

Peek a Baby were fantastic and looked after us all really well and involved Mini in the scan. We got some lovely photos, as well as a sneak peek at baby in 4D. However, baby wasn’t feeling co-operative and had their face squashed up to the placenta so we weren’t able to see much.

After the scan we bought a confetti cannon and headed to my Mom and Dad’s to reveal to them if they were expecting a new baby granddaughter or grandson….