Perrygrove Steam Railway Adventures in The Forest of Dean

We recently spent the weekend away in The Forest of Dean. Having looked for local attractions to visit we stumbled upon Perrygrove Steam Railway.

We were staying at Whitemead Forest Holiday Park, which was only ten minutes away from Perrygrove. We were making the most of Nanny and Grandad’s motorhome before the arrival of baby Mack. We’ve been lucky to have a few adventures in the motorhome this year including a trip to Weymouth, Blackpool and North Wales.

As we arrived at Perrygrove we realised it was their “vintage working weekend and railway gala.” As well as the normal attractions, they also had a collection of steam traction engines and vintage engines too. Mini got to sit on a beautiful mini engine that had been lovingly hand built.


The entrance fee to Perrygrove gives you a ticket to ride the trains as much as you’d like during your visit. As it was a special event weekend they had additional trains running, which was a good idea as the carriages seemed to get filled up quite quickly.

Before boarding the train, Mini wanted to explore the brightly coloured treehouses that she had spotted from the car park. The treehouses are connected by a series of bridges, slides and walkways cleverly hidden amongst the treetops.


We then headed to the platform to wait for a train. Whilst waiting it was interesting to see the different engines come into and out of the station. Some were passenger trains, where as some were carrying large logs. The logs were then passed to the engines on display as part of the gala, who were being used to chop them into smaller logs.

We boarded Anne, a very shiny red engine who took us on the journey through the woodland. The ride to the final stop was fairly short, although we did have to reverse and take a second attempt at the hill. You can choose to stay on the train to complete a loop back to the first station. Alternatively, you can explore the adventure play area and picnic spot by the station stop. It was good that the play area was under a large canopy to allow play in all weathers.

From this station you can either wait for the next train to take you back to the start or take a scenic walk through the woods. It really is only a short walk and you also get to explore the den building area if you take the walk option.

There was a café at Perrygrove with the usual selection of lunch items and snacks. As we’d already eaten lunch before our visit we didn’t eat anything but did use the café for a drink stop.

We spent a lovely afternoon at Perrygrove, it was great to see that the staff were clearly very enthusiastic and passionate about the trains, which were all beautifully looked after.


For up to date opening times and ticket prices, please visit the Perrygrove website here. Details can also be found of their other special events such as teddy bears picnic and visits from Santa.

During our weekend away we also visited Puzzlewood, which happened to be just over the road from Perrygrove. If you have a day to spend in the area why not fit in a visit to both on the same day.

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  1. lukeosaurusandme says:

    Oh wow this looks awesome! Luke went on a steam train once when we visited Thomas and his friends on the Watercress line, and he absolutely loved it. He would love the treehouses and watching out for the trains to come along. Looks like a brilliant day out.

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