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Unicorn Garden Review, Creating a Magical Space

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Mini, like lots of children her age, is a HUGE Unicorn fan. Our house is full of Unicorns, Fairies and Rainbows. Recently we were invited to review the new Unicorn Garden kit. When I gave her the box, there were lots of big smiles and excited jumping around!

unicorn garden

The concept behind the Unicorn Garden is that children are able to create a magical space in their own special garden. Once the seeds are planted, they then have to take care to water the garden and get to watch the grass grow.

We were lucky to have an afternoon of Autumn sunshine and decided to head outdoors to make the Unicorn Garden together. Everything you need for the set up is included in the kit. The only thing we needed to add was the soil.

unicorn garden

unicorn garden

Mini carefully filled up the Unicorn Garden bowl with soil and added some water to make it damp.

unicorn garden

In the box there are lots of accessories to decorate the garden these include;

  • A Wishing Well
  • Arbour
  • Fairy Mushroom
  • Bunting
  • Multi-coloured gravel
  • Fairy Dust
  • Fairy Flowers

The arbour and wishing well needed assembling, which I helped with. The bunting also needed to be made. Mini chose which stickers to use to make her own design pattern. Once all of the accessories were put together Mini had free reign over where to put them in her Unicorn Garden. She particularly liked making the path with the bright coloured gravel.

unicorn garden

She then sprinkled the grass seed over the soil and added a little water. Finally she carefully placed the Mouse, Fairy and of course all important Unicorn into the garden. Children can also add their own decorations or items found from the garden as additional features.

Mini has given her Unicorn Garden pride of place on her window ledge. She has been carefully watering it over the last few days and is eagerly awaiting the grass to grow. According to the instructions, this can take a few weeks, weather depending. Once the grass does grow, it can be trimmed to keep it neat with scissors.

unicorn fairy garden

Mini really enjoyed making her Unicorn Garden. She was able to build most of the garden herself and had fun decorating the space exactly how she wanted it. She took lots of care in how she set up the garden and was proud of her achievements. I’m hoping it will help teach her a little patience with waiting for the grass to grow over the next few weeks.

unicorn garden

The Unicorn Garden retails at around £20, which I think is a fair price. It would also make a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas present. I also like that the Unicorn Garden can be grown all year round, either outside in the summer but also indoors during cooler months.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Unicorn Garden to review. All views and opinions about the product are entirely our own.

17 thoughts on “Unicorn Garden Review, Creating a Magical Space

  1. Treasure Every Moment says:

    Aww I love these fairy gardens, we have the one without the unicorn and my daughter loved making it up and checking on the grass to see if it had grown 🙂

  2. Sonia Cave says:

    This is such a cute idea for little ones. We often make little fairy gardens just from what we can find and both my daughter and sons love doing this and pretending the fairies will come and live there!

  3. BattleMum says:

    That sounds like a great gift for Christmas. I like the fact it will grow all year round and whoever receives it can personalise it to their tastes. I think my niece would enjoy it.

  4. Chloe Ciliberto says:

    My daughter is absolutely obsessed with two things; playing outside and unicorns. She would absolutely love this!! Definitely one to add to her Christmas wish list. What a beautiful idea!

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