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Momma, Mr, Mini & Baby Mack

Hello I’m Lucy, Wife (to Jimmy) and Mommy to Emelia (Mini – 6 going on 16) and Edison (Baby Mack) I decided to start this blog to chart our family adventures, the good and the ugly and to show that life with little ones in tow can still involve exploring new places.

I’m a full time senior manager in the NHS (currently on maternity leave), which at times brings its pangs of mom guilt when I’m not always able to go to every school performance or take and collect Emelia on a daily basis. However, my mission is to ensure we make up for the fact we have busy lives in the week and try our best to do fun things together as Team Mack at the weekend.

In my spare time I love baking cakes and am slightly addicted to my beautiful KitchenAid, I love Emelia so much that I occasionally let her touch it! I am also addicted to shoes and dresses and have far too many to count.

I have a condition called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which impacts upon my ability to have children as well as some not so pleasant side effects such as only having to cast a sideways glance at a mars bar to put 3 stone on. At the age of 18 when I was diagnosed I was told to prepare for the fact I may not be able to conceive naturally.

Being the rather stubborn and determined person that I am I decided not to let my body get the better of me and took steps on a difficult journey to lose 5.5 stone to get down to a healthy weight. Although I’ve maintained that now for nearly 9 years being slim will never come naturally for me. The inner bigger girl in me constantly wants to break free and eat all the cake, I occasionally let her out and have some fun šŸ™‚

Being able to have Emelia and Edison makes me feel so thankful and blessed to have had that opportunity, although frustrated and totally exhausted also come into the mix!

Our family life hasn’t always had a smooth journey but now that we are all in a great place I’m determined to make the most out of life and get out there and see what we can find. We all love food and eating out together. Hunting out a Chai Latte is a pastime of mine, whereas Emelia has recently found her love of going to new cafes and restaurants and is getting pretty good at trying new things on the menu.

Edison, arrived in November 2018 and completed our family. He has slotted into our busy family life, often all cosy and snug in his baby carrier on our family adventures.

I hope that you will find the blog useful and provide ideas for family adventures that you can have with some handy tips and tricks thrown in along the way.

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