Confetti fields

The Colours of Summer at The Confetti Fields at Wick, Worcestershire

Last Summer I recall seeing lots of beautiful photos on social media of pretty coloured flower fields and quickly learnt they were The Confetti Fields at Wick, Worcestershire. So when one of my best friends said she’d like to visit the fields this year for her birthday I jumped at the chance.

The Confetti Fields are owned by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company. They supply natural, biodegradable confetti for weddings and other special occasions. The flowers are all handpicked and dried naturally before sending out to customers. The fields are open to visitors for just 10 days each year so you have to be quick if you want to visit.

Delphiniums and Cornflowers are planted to create beautiful stripes of colour across the Confetti Fields. There is a stunning mix of white, pinks and purples in different shades. 

Before we went, I had seen updates on the Facebook page stating that the confetti fields had been extremely busy. I think this is mostly down to the amazing weather recently and visitors sharing their photos on social media. I was a little anxious as I don’t like busy crowded spaces. We therefore made the decision to arrive early to try to beat the crowds. We arrived just before it opened at 10am and there was already a queue to get into the car park. The queue to get into the fields moved quickly and there was plenty of space to explore once we were inside.

Confetti Fields

The views were just beautiful and it was lovely to wander from one block of colour to the next. We of course took the opportunity to take lots of photos. I practiced some photography  tips I’d picked up at a blogging weekend away recently. I’m really pleased with the shots I took. I also love the family photos that we took too and some special ones of Mini giving bump some love.

Confetti Fields

I really enjoyed our visit to The Confetti Fields and am glad that we made the trip to go. I’d also love to return next year and get some more snaps of our expanded family when baby number two arrives.

Our visit to The Confetti Fields lasted just over an hour however, you are welcome to stay as long as you like. There are toilets on site, as well as a café selling light refreshments. There was also a stall selling bags of confetti and some other locally produced items such as honey and apple juice. Tickets for the fields were £2.50 each.

Our Top Tips for Enjoying a Day Out at The Confetti Fields

  • Keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for opening times for the season. They also publish updates about how busy they are with hints and tips for visitors.
  • Take plenty bottles of water and sun hats if you visit on a hot, sunny day. The field is very open and there is very little shade available.
  • Take cash! The Confetti Fields don’t have the facilities to take card payments for entry or refreshments.
  • Visit during the week if possible for a much quieter visit. It would be lovely to visit early evening just before they close to catch the flowers as the sun goes down.
  • The first weekend the fields are open tend to be a bit quieter. This is because people post their photos on social media and attract more visitors the following weekend.
  • The viewing platform can be very busy and attract queues. It may be a good idea to head there first if you want use it. We didn’t go up as we didn’t want to queue in the heat, however, didn’t feel that we had missed out.
  • Be respectful of the confetti fields! There are specified paths to walk through the flowers, try to stick to them and not trample on the flowers. There are still ample spots to take great photos without damaging the flowers.
  • Be patient if there are queues to get in. Remember this is a rural community with very small, narrow lanes. The staff do their best to get everyone into the car park safely and as quick as they can.
  • Don’t be put off by the queue in the car park as once you are in the fields there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Confetti Fields

14 thoughts on “The Colours of Summer at The Confetti Fields at Wick, Worcestershire

  1. Claire Justine says:

    Oh wow, you got some beautiful photos here. I have only just heard about the confetti fields a few days ago. I Googled it as I would love to visit but I saw that it is closed now. Hopefully next year I will visit 🙂

    • mommamack15 says:

      Oh dear that’s a shame about the lavender fields, if you’re not allergic to delphiniums try these fields next year

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