Gruesome Monster Teeth Cookies: October Junior Bakes Subscription Box Review

cookie mixture

Gruesome Teeth Cookies

Last weekend I went away to Bath for a girls weekend. Whist I was away Mini and Mr Mack decided to do some baking together using the subscription box from Bakes Box ( They sent me lots of photos whilst I was away and told me all about  their fun together when I got home. The October box was a Halloween theme to make gruesome monster teeth cookies.

Mini has really got into Halloween this year and was really excited when she opened the box when it came through the post and saw what she was going to make. The boxes fit through the letterbox which is handy for working parents. Inside each box is all the dry ingredients and instructions to make the recipe. You just need to add any wet ingredients such as eggs and butter.

flour and marshmellows on cardboard box

Mini has grown in confidence over the months that we have been baking together using these kits and have enjoyed all of the different recipes that we’ve made.

I think that the kits would make great birthday or Christmas present ideas and can be bought as one offs or as part of a subscription package.

Getting Messy

Mini loved using her fingers to mix the butter, sugar and flour into a breadcrumb consistency and then pressed into a ball, any excuse to get messy. She didn’t let Mr Mack do any of the mixing and was determined to make them all herself.

cookie mixture

After the mixture had chilled in the fridge for a little while, Mini used a rolling pin to flatten the ball. She then used a cutter to make circle shapes from the dough and Mr Mack popped them in the oven to bake until golden brown.

girl with messy hands after making cookies
messy hands

Whilst they were cooling she mixed icing sugar and powdered food colouring together with water to make “blood” icing.

Mr Mack then carefully cut the circle biscuits in half so that Mini could spread the blood icing over the top. She then had to place mini marshmallows around the edge of the cookies to make the teeth shapes. A second semi-circle biscuit was then popped on top.

Mr Mack enjoyed making the cookies with Mini and found the instructions easy to follow and simple enough for Mini to do most of the work on her own.

I think the finished cookies look really effective and definitely gruesome. Later that evening they took them to share at a family bonfire party along with other homemade treats that others had brought.

girl with plate of cookies she has made
proud of her afternoon’s work

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