Handwriting Practice for Children: Write My Name Review

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

Mini started school in September and over these last few months she seems to have fallen in love with learning to write. She could write her name before she started however, we had taught her to write in capitals. When she started school we were asked to help her learn how to write in cursive as that matches how she is taught at school.

I must admit I didn’t feel very confident in supporting her to write in cursive as it’s not how I’m used to writing. She has come on so much since September and is forever writing and annotating her drawings and we wanted to make sure as parents we had the best tools to be able to support her learning journey.

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

When I saw the workbook  from Write My Name I thought that it would be the perfect thing to help Mini practice her writing as it comes with cursive text inside.

The workbooks are personalised and feature a photograph of your child on the front cover and throughout the book on every page, along with their name. When Mini opened the package she was really excited to see her face on the front cover and was able to read her name. As soon as she opened it she was itching to start using it straight away.

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

The book contains 18 different exercises across wipe clean pages to allow children to practice and then reuse the book again as they improve and grow in confidence. The pages are printed with letters, numbers and shapes in dot to dot style so that children can trace over the top to help them understand how to form them properly.

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

Mini is left handed and has struggled with how to form some letters and has been unsure which way round they should be written. This book has been really helpful for her as letters are annotated with small arrows helping her to see where to start the letter and which way to go to complete it.

Even though Mini was able to write her name and some letters before she had the book, I think that it will continue to help her form the letters confidently and help her work on making her writing neater. The printed lines in the book will also help her with spacing and sizing of her letters, which is something that she struggles with at times.

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

You can choose the colour of the book, I picked Mini’s in purple but there are plenty of options to choose from.

We had the deluxe gift box version which game in a matching purple gift box along with a dry wipe pen. The set also comes with reusable reward stickers when children complete the exercises and a personalised certificate to mark their achievement, these have been a big hit with Mini who is sticker mad.

Write My Name Handwriting Practice

I have been very impressed with the quality of the book, it feel strong and sturdy and the pages are thick. The pen also wipes off easily as some other similar products we have used have smudged where as this came off cleanly.  It is also handy to take out if we eat out as Mini is able to use it whilst waiting in a restaurant.

The workbook would be ideal for pre-school children and those at school to help build their confidence in a fun way and to hopefully build on what they are leaning at school.

I think that the workbooks would make a lovely present idea for children. If you’d like to order one for Christmas all orders must be received by 19th December to ensure they arrive in time.

You can full the full range of products available here.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the workbook for the purposes of a review. All views and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains an affiliate link, should you make a purchase using the link there will be no impact upon the buyer however I will receive a small referral payment.


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