Birthday Party Prep with Zuru Bunch O Balloons

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Mini recently turned 7, which coincided with the launch of Bunch o Balloons Party by Zuru. We were sent a party pack of goodies to help her celebrate, which was perfect timing for our family celebrations.

Zuru have everything covered that you need for a fun filled party including balloons, party bag treats and a present for the birthday child.

bunch o balloons

Bunch O Balloons Party Pump

No party celebrations are complete without special decorations and balloons however they can be time consuming and fiddly to blow up. The Bunch O Balloons party pump can inflate and tie up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds, making any party prep a piece of cake. The balloons have a self tie valve meaning no messing about with fiddly string. I couldn’t quite believe it could be that easy but they really were!

All you need to do is attach the balloons onto the pump, press the button and they are inflated and looking fabulous in 40 seconds! The pump can then be used for other inflatables such as paddling pools for summer parties.

bunch o balloons

What’s also great is the fact that the balloons can be reused again! Additionally all of the packaging is recyclable. The balloon packs are available from Smyths toy superstores and come in 1 stem (8 balloons), 2 stem (16 balloons) or 5 stem packs (40 balloons).

As well as helping with party decorations, Zuru can also help with gifts for the birthday child and guests with party bag ideas.

bunch o balloons
bunch o balloons

Party Bags

Children love to receive a party bag at the end of the celebrations. However, they can often end up being stressful to put together, where as I like to keep things easy and simple.

The Zuru 5 surprise eggs make a great treat for the party guests and are very on trend with surprise toys being a huge hit at the moment. Each egg is filled with a surprise unicorn complete with accessories.

bunch o balloons

I like that the gift is a bit more substantial and will be kept and played with a lot longer than many party bag items which end up being disposed very quickly after the party. Mini and her cousins certainly had a lot of fun opening the eggs to find out which ones they had and comparing and sharing the accessories with each other.

bunch o balloons
bunch o balloons

Birthday Gift

Zuru also make a range of great gifts for the birthday child including the Zuru Pets Alive My Magical Unicorn. As a huge unicorn fan this definitely went down a treat with Mini.

The magical unicorn has a horn that lights up and makes special sounds. If you speak to her she will repeat it back to you. We have had lots of fun with this in our house, getting the unicorn to repeat things for us in her funny voice. She can also give kisses back when you kiss her!

bunch o balloons

For more information about the Bunch O Balloons range, visit the official website here.

Disclaimer: We were provided the Zuru Bunch O Balloons and party pack for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are entirely my own.


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